About Us

Royal Patches (RPF) is a group helping to create awareness on Vitiligo.

At A Glance

Sensitization on Vitiligo:
By reigning and being good in the skills we inherently posses

Royal Patches Foundation was was founded in Nairobi Kenya as a support group to persons living with vitiligo in Kenya and beyond to raise awareness about vitiligo.

Royal Patches Foundation educates by providing facts about vitiligo and also inspire through uplifting stories that will help one living with vitiligo to live positively. Royal Patches Foundation raises awareness on vitiligo through:

  • Counselling on how to live positively with vitiligo
  • Organising events like modelling events
  • Being involved in charitable events like visting children’s homes
  • Playing a big role in the organisation and observation of World Vitiligo Day in Kenya